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As soon as you receive and go through your Orientation materials, you can begin working the very same day.

You will be paid for each and every mobile media application text message you process.


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$2,350 GUARANTEED Income Processing Text Messages - Easy Work!  Processors Average $120 per hour!

Worried about your job, finances or bills?  Need more income?  Did you know you could be making a living at home processing text messages from incoming Mobile Media Applications?

There is no experience necessary and lots of text messages for Mobile Media applications to process.

You will be paid $47 for each text message you process. You can choose to work full time or part time.

  • Pay Off All Of Your Bills

  • Pay Off All Of Your Credit Cards

  • Go Traveling Every Month

  • Have Time With Family And Friends

  • Quit Your Job

  • Buy All The Things You Want With Cash - You'll Never Have Credit Card Debt Ever Again!


Great opportunity for stay at home moms, dads, or anyone who wants to work in the comfort of your own home. With the business demand for increased Mobile Media usage, anyone can do this work because the demand is huge.

There's no need to talk to anyone or do direct selling or anything like that.

The amount of money that you earn is entirely up to you, it depends on the
amount of time and effort you choose to put fourth. The average person makes approximately $1,800 - $2,700 per week.

You will be paid daily so there no waiting for paychecks ever.

You will receive an orientation package which includes training videoss, work materials and step by step instructions on how to do the work and process the text messages.

With the Orientation Package, you'll also be eligible to work as a Mobile Media Manager. The orientation materials include complete training on that career as well. Mobile Media Managers earn on average, $2,100 per week, and it's a very easy, fun and rewarding career. The Mobile Media Manager position is completely optional for you, but available for you if you wish to move forward with it.




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"Just completed the training and orientation materials and I loved it.  I'm starting it myself, today! Thanks so much!" - Amy Blair





"This is super! Thanks for giving me this amazing opportunity to start a new career in this rapidly growing industry.. The orientation is complete and it's easy to follow. You've left nothing to chance. I'm averaging over $2,000 per week income.  I'm very happy!"  - Steve Bradford






" What a fun job!  The pay is great.... and consistent.  I work a couple of hours in the evenings and I'm paid a consistent $700 a day.  It's easy and enjoyable work.    It's exactly what I was looking for!"  - Joey Mitchell






"The Text Message Processor Orientation & Training Package is WELL worth the money you're providing it for. It's easy to understand and very entertaining! Last month I made over $9,000.  Thank you!" - Charles Bradford







"I love my new job.  Thanks for the opportunity.  The pay is great! I'm impressed!" - Thomas Martin






"You're right, business is booming! Just letting you know I'm making money as a Text Message Processor! Thanks! - Cindy Ross



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