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Dear Friend,

t just makes me sick!

There are so many hyped-up and misleading "home typing" schemes floating around the Internet -- it drives me crazy!

You'll find all kinds of people running around making wild claims that you can make thousands of dollars in just 15 minutes simply by typing a few lines of text or data online.

Yeah right!!

I say, "Put your money where your mouth is". Let all of us see exactly how much it is really going to cost someone to make that kind of money typing on the internet using those hyped  and seriously flawed "programs!" 

Sadly, I don't think you could find many takers on this challenge.

And here's why.  They never tell you that it is going to cost you.... because if you knew, you'd finally see them for what they actually are.... Con Artists. 

Those might be strong words but they are right on target.  The fact is... their crap shoot gimmicks are NOT actually "Paid To Type At Home" programs at all.  No... instead they are "Pay To Place Ads Online" programs.   Now I'm pretty sure that is not what you want at all! 

Simply put, all of those so called home typing programs and data entry programs are simply expensive ad placing programs which have a lot in common with a Vegas crap shoot.  First you sign up for their program.  Then you find yourself typing little ads consisting of about 4 short lines of text.  (By the way these tiny ads are called adword ads.)  Then, what the author of the program fails to mention is that each of your tiny adword ads have to be posted on Google or other pay-per-click search engines.  To place those ads, you'll end up paying BIG BUCKS!  Every time someone clicks on your tiny ad, your bank account gets dinged.   Ouch!!  The only way you could possibly make any money from their system is if someone actually eventually buys the product you are trying to sell through your tiny ad. 

I put their system to the test and tried it out, and guess what.....

After factoring in 20% click fraud and questionable conversion rates, I could see I was never going to break even using their seriously flawed system.  (Colorado-based Click Defense estimates click fraud on Google is as high as 38%!

That's when I stumbled onto a hidden internet gold mine.  It's new and few people know about it.  This hidden gold mine  is the Perfect Home Typing Business.  I researched it and tested it, and I became very excited with what my testing uncovered.  Then I developed an easy  step by step plan that anyone could easily use  to put it into action in order to bring in paychecks fast.  Then I tested my plan. My plan  proved itself beautifully and it works like a charm.  And  since then, I've never looked back.

Now, every two weeks I walk to my mailbox and collect 12 to 13 paychecks for my internet typing work.  The checks range in amount.  My first couple of months started out smaller.  But as the months go by, my paychecks grow dramatically. 

This is the same method we use and it is the same formula, copy and paste method we're offering you in this easy to follow system.  We've shown you the results that we got and how much money we made and still make.  Now we don't know you personally, and we're not saying you'll make a million bucks.  And we're sure not going to tell you that you're going to buy a new house or pay off your car.  We're just telling you what we did and we're going to show you exactly how we did it.  The results you get using it are really up to you.  It's possible you could do even better than we've done.

I'm not boasting here.  I just want to show you that I am doing this and that it works.   And I have a growing list of friends who are doing it too, they're all using this very same plan that I'm about to show you. 

Multiple Income Streams Means Multiple Paychecks For Your Typing Projects

  • Breakthrough Income For Typing Online (not data entry or ad typing!!)

  • Easy 4 Step Set Up

  • Earns Income From Day 1

  • This is an real honest and legitimate home typing job. 

  • It's all new. 

  • It is like nothing else you've ever seen before.

  • You will never type an adword or any ad for that matter

  • It's not emailing

  • It's not selling

  • It's not about data entry either

  • You'll never pay a penny for advertising, hosting, etc.

  • In fact there is no further investment whatsoever!

  • It produces multiple income streams for you

  • Just type about an hour a day.  Your income builds almost automatically.

  • Type more than an hour a day and your income grows even faster

  • You can work part-time or full-time if you wish (but part-time will generate plenty of income for you)

  • You can start within 15 minutes from now using the Paychecks-Now For Typing Program

  • Easy instructions - only 4 steps - I walk you through the whole process, even what to type

  • No html skills required.  This does not involve you running or owning a website

  • It's proven

  • It's very simple to understand

  • It works anywhere world wide.

  • Stay home and type, travel and type.  It doesn't matter.

  • Perfect for Stay at home Dads, Moms, Retirees, Students, Teens, and anyone else looking for a simple proven way to earn great money online at home.

  • This is the only real and actual home typing income I know of....and it works!

  • But you'll never know how wonderful it is until you try it!

But don't just take my word for it, listen to what others have to say....

"Within a day of signing-up for the "Paychecks-Now For Typing At Home" I earned plenty of money to pay for the program with more to spare.  I've been typing now for 2 months and I receive 1 paycheck every 2 weeks and another paycheck monthly for my typing work.  I was surprised at how easy it is to do the typing jobs and I'm so happy it doesn't cost me a penny to do this.  I'm finally making money online.  Thank you for a great plan.  "
Dallas G.
"I just want to say Thank You for helping me stay home with my children while earning regular paychecks.  This is even better than I expected.  I'm earning a full time living typing part time from home, thanks to your program." 
Julie R.
"Thank you!  I love this.  I was pleasantly surprised to see my first 2 paychecks arrive.  Now I receive 5 paychecks;  4 every 2 weeks and one once a month.  This is the most fun I've ever had working and making money!  Thank you again!"
Stacy D.
"I quit my job last month because I'm now making a full time living using the Paychecks-Now For Typing At Home Program.  I'm a true success story.  Thank you for an awesome program that works!"
Sarah M.


So why am I willing to share with you this wonderful secret goldmine?  Great question!  One of the amazing things that makes this wonderful plan work is that the more people know about it, the more money you can make.  It's as simple as that.  You'll see...

But That's Not All.....

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