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Get your website TOP LISTINGS on yahoo WITHOUT paying those $299 fees!

It's quite simple.  We go through Google.com (the backbone for the Yahoo engine).  Submit your site with Google and it will probably get picked up on Yahoo.  Now, that's the easy part.  The hard part is getting that top 20 listing on great keywords.  Here's what you do....

1)After you submit to Google, join http://www.linkstoyou.com.  Go through their free process and put their icon on your front page.  Within a month or 2, you will have literally hundreds of links pointing back at you.  This is very important to the search engines (link popularity).  It will start to move your site up the rankings.

2)Decide what keywords you want to be listed under.  Then type those words into Yahoo and query their search engine.  Go visit each of their top 100 listings for those keywords (or as many as you feel like), and drop the webmasters' from each site a quick note.  You want to be very polite...tell them what a great website they have.  Ask them if they would be interested in exchanging links with you.  Take a good hard look at your own site and find what traits you have to offer.  Sell your site to them.  Let them know why their visitors may find your website useful.  Our success rate is about 1 per 20.  Of 20 sites, We would find one webmaster who would take the time  to respond.  Remember, you can do this for as many relevant keyword searches as you can think of.  You may follow up with them a week later if you get no response, but we wouldn't recommend more than that.  We've ALWAYS had good experiences doing this. 

3)Load your site up with those keywords.  Whatever keywords you wish to be listed under, make sure you mention that word(s) in your website 8-10 times...preferably in your title too.  If you can work it into your domain name...do that as well.  Make sure you use the keyword(s) 3-4 times near the top of the page.

4)Creat doorway pages.  This is the least understood strategy of them all.  We do this all the time with great results.  Open yourself free sites at http://www.geocities.com (yahoo's free websites), http://www.fortunecity.com, http://www.angelfire.com , http://www.tripod.lycos.com ,etc...any of the big FREE web hosts that have major ties to the search engines.  Most people don't know this, but the search engines LOVE these sites.  Since they are directly tied to the engines, they have a certain BUILT IN amount of link popularity.  Then, create simple 1 page "mini-sites".  Load these mini sites up with your keywords too.  Now, don't go hog wild and spam your page to death with the same keywords 100 times...this will do just the opposite of what you want to happen. 

5)VERY IMPORTANT!!! Now...once you have created your mini-sites, create 5-10 links back to your main site from them.  MORE popularity for your main website. 

Once you have done all of this, submit your site each month to the major search engines (along with your "doorway" pages).  You'll be surprised at the results!

We've had MANY successes using these methods.  We are yet to EVER have to pay that ridiculous $299 listing fee that Yahoo charges!  Just imagine how many people have!

Try our method...We think you will like the results...and the traffic that is produced!  We receive affiliate program checks EVERY MONTH from websites that we have produced, set up like this, and then moved on to the next.